Our Mysteries

You've been invited to attend the 300th anniversary party and inaugural voyage of this historic pirate ship, because your ancestors were part of the original crew. But never forget about the dreaded curse!
We most graciously thank you for attending the reading of the will for the late Earl of Grey. We here at Uptown Abbey know it was of great hardship for many of you to traverse the troubling roads out of London and brave the storm to arrive at this destination.
Join us at the {INSERT HOTEL NAME} Hotel for a very special event: the talented Faye Slift will be singing a selection of her favorite songs. Also, we will be playing a deadly round of BINGO!
Welcome to the Frudee Family Winery's Annual Wine Tasting Event. The Frudee Brothers, Doodie and Rudy, are anxious to introduce the idea of being able to chemically engineer wine. They believe this is going to save the winery from all the negative publicity caused by Dr. William Beabore.